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“Here in Asylum we strive to be the Best at what we do and to spread knowlege to others as was once done to us. We wish to give aid to those who need it and help each other be better for the long run. ”

Welcome to the insanity we like to call Asylum guild. What color padding would you like for your room?. This website is about Asylum; a guild who makes its home on the Yeti Server of the MMORPG (massivly multi-player online role-playing game) Rappelz.

Please register for the website and forums. Check back often for updates on the calender. Submit photos for the Photo Gallery and Read rules and code of conduct in the 'Forum' section on the site. For answers to any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us using the info in the 'Members' section of the site.

And remember, if the straight jacket is too tight, please scream loudly and an attendant will be happy to come loosen the buckles for you.

We have a strict No Bullshit policy.
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